Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal

Asbestos Removal & Fireproofing taken over by Viabuild

In 2014 “Asbestos Removal & Fireproofing” was taken over by Viabuild. This meant that the group gained valuable knowledge and experience from the market leader in the area of asbestos removal and passive fire protection.

Expert in safe removal of asbestos

In order to remove asbestos in a safe way, you need expertise. Our employees have many years of experience with large and small asbestos removal projects in the industrial and civil engineering sector, at home as well as abroad. Removing asbestos is not without its risks. Our employees are trained and have obtained the necessary certificates allowing them to remove asbestos in a thorough and correct way.

Certificates for high-risk sectors in asbestos removal

We are also active in high-risk sectors and situations: petrochemicals, process industry, working at a great height, or with hazardous products, etc. We always ensure that the work can be done smoothly and that we have the right permits and signage.

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