Asphalt and mastic asphalt works

Asphalt and mastic asphalt works

Asphalting: public and private

The Asphalt department consists of employees who have gained extensive experience working on our own Viabuild sites and as subcontractors to our customers. They have acquired solid expertise in asphalting through public and private construction projects.

By combining our team and the know-how and diversity of our modern machinery, we are able to offer a wide range of services. We implement high return projects like motorways, airports or structural maintenance works, the construction of private industrial sites, or small or medium-sized car parks to the highest quality standards.

For every assignment, we take the time to give advice based on your specific requirements and quality demands. After that, our skilled teams ensure that this advice is adhered to down to the last detail.

Special applications such as coloured asphalt, combi covering layers, etc., are possible. We are able to offer a hardening rate specially adapted to each project, with high quality results.

Viabuild owns three asphalt plants

For our asphalt production, we have three asphalt plants, two of which are COPRO certified. They are the linchpin of our asphalt department and work with the latest technologies and are supported by a fully-equipped lab. The asphalt plant in Haren is a leading manufacturer of mastic asphalt.

Sustainable and corporate social entrepreneurship is very important at Viabuild. The demolition waste from asphalt surfacing is reused to the greatest extent possible when producing new asphalt mixtures. This way we reduce CO2 emissions, we deal with the materials available in an environmentally aware manner and reduce the purchase of raw materials.

Sealing and mastic asphalt works

This is a waterproof type of asphalt used as surfacing on car park roofs, for making waterproof and/or providing a protective layer on bridge surfaces, surfacing pedestrian or cycle paths, water channels, acid-resistant floors,…

Mastic asphalt is waterproof because of its high bitumen content, which is typically double the amount found in concrete asphalt. That is why it does not need condensing like other types of asphalt. This is a huge advantage when installing it on a car park roof. The stiffness of the mastic ensures the stability of the mastic asphalt. This is achieved by using stiff bitumen and a high amount of filler. Physical distortion is, however, possible. The processing temperature is relatively high: 230 to 240°C.

Mastic asphalt is flexible and can cope with slight shifts in the ground beneath it without cracking. In comparison with other types of asphalt, mastic asphalt is very durable.

The merging of BRUDA NV and the Asphaltco Civil Engineering department with Viabuild has turned our company into an experienced and specialised partner for all projects involving sealing and mastic asphalt in all its applications.

Transporting and installing mastic asphalt is done by our own qualified and motivated employees who have many years of experience. This ensures the specific needs of our customers are always met.

It is thanks to the craftsmanship and wide experience of our employees that the processing and applying of mastic asphalt in all its forms can be done at a level of extremely high quality.

Bitumen sealing membranes and liquid water sealing

We are specialised in installing bitumen sealing membranes (by hand and by machine) and installing liquid water sealing.

Viabuild offers you the possibility of combining sealing works for bridges, tunnels and asphalting. This way you avoid discussions and the delays caused by subcontracting.

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