Civil construction

Civil construction

Complex infrastructure works often need tunnels, bridges for cars and bicycles etc.

Complex infrastructure works often need tunnels, bridges for cars and cycles and reservoirs. For these kind of works we use concrete and steel structures.

We also specialise in
water and railway related projects. We have a strong know-how and wide experience within the civil engineering sector. We invest in high quality materials and strive constantly to innovate. Our skilled workers have the professional creativity and technical knowledge needed to be able to realise complex works with special techniques.

Very often, infrastructure projects require technical construction works.

Larger infrastructural works as well as smaller projects are part of our competences.

Viabuild's own formwork teams

With our own formwork teams and the creativity of our workers, Viabuild is equipped with strong know-how, covering a range of applications, making every concrete construction, from simple to complex, a success., .

Road construction

The concrete from retaining walls, fountains from the renovation of parks and squares can be used in the building of tunnels, or bridges for cars and cycles as part of larger infrastructure works.

Sewer and collector works

The realisation of complex sewage works is one of Viabuild’s core activities. These projects always go together with the realisation of various concrete constructions such as pump stations, overflow constructions, storage reservoirs, …. The construction of water treatment plants are also a complementary and a logical extension to such works. Viabuild’s experience in this market segment means we are a suitable partner for such assignments. We strive constantly for innovation and optimisation for the customer by making use of the appropriate techniques needed to bring these projects to a successful end.

Railway related works

Apart from technical construction works for road and sewer construction, Viabuild also performs railway related works within its civil engineering department. Adaptations and renovations of existing metro stations, including the renovation of the platforms and the building of lift shafts to provide disabled access are just a few of Viabuild’s important references. We also offer works in concrete and steel.

Bridge construction

It goes without saying that without references and without experience in the building of bridges, a civil engineering department would have little reason to exist. During the past few years, Viabuild has carried out some remarkable projects in this field and is proud to say that in doing so we have become an important player in this market segment.

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