Excavation works

Excavation works

Excavation works in open air or underground

At Viabuild your excavation works are in good hands. We have been digging foundation pits for more than 50 years. Excavation works are done in the open air or underground, regardless of the condition of the soil, or the climate. To do this, Viabuild has not only equipped with a driven work force, but modern and efficient machinery.

From heavy equipment to advanced measuring techniques

We move mountains for your project. Literally, sometimes. To do this, not only do we use heavy equipment such as wheel loaders, mobile cranes, caterpillar cranes and an extensive fleet of trucks, but we also use laser equipment and advanced measuring techniques for the fine detailed work.

Transporting soil

Transporting soil, sand and other soil materials is bound by environmental legislation. It goes without saying that we are fully up to date on this legislation, because transporting soil and ground material is part of our expertise.

That way, we give your project a solid foundation with extensive service from A to Z.

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