Fire protection

Fire protection

Passive fire protection

Viabuild’s Fireproofing Division looks after the passive fire protection in new builds, renovation projects, industrial settings and construction works. We deliver total projects, studies, advice, engineering and maintenance. By professionally installing fireproofing systems we protect your building or industrial installation against the consequences of fire. Also for residents and emergency services.

"R" Stability in case of fire

Fire temperatures quickly affect the stability of steel and concrete in a negative way. It is vitally important to equip the supporting construction of a building, tunnel or installation with passive fire protection so that “R” stability is guaranteed during a fire.

This can be done by applying fireproof cladding and/or fireproof sprays.

Separating functions

“EI” fire separator functions prevent fire from spreading into the adjacent compartment. Whether it concerns penetration sealing of valves, pipes, electrics, data, over dilatation joints, facade connections, etc., Viabuild’s Fireproofing Division can assist you. Lightweight fire walls or screens can also be mounted, and fireproof divisions can be installed in new or existing situations.

Viabuild studies and carries out:

  • Fireproof mortars
  • Fireproof cladding
  • Intumescent paints
  • Production and installation of independent fireproof air ducts
  • Installation of fireproof cladding into existing air vents
  • Fire-separating walls and ceilings
  • Fireproofing of steeldeck
  • Fire-separating sealing
  • Fireproof facade connections
  • Firewalls / fire screens
  • Fireproofing of wooden floors, roof trusses, etc.
  • Light high separating firewalls. acoustic and aesthetic decorative plaster (fireproof)


Our specialised, skilled workers have been carrying out fire protection works and gaining more and more experience every day for a long time. With every new project the technical file is discussed beforehand with a view to agreeing on a sound setup. If necessary, a knowledge upgrade will follow, to ensure the work is done according to the methods provided for in the fire tests.

Viabuild’s Fireproofing Division has its own engineering department which acts and calculates in line with the most recent systems and legal standards. Project engineers will ensure a correct site follow-up. This combination allows us to issue certificates of conformity after the works have been completed.

Quality - safety

Safety is taken into account from the very beginning and throughout the whole project. During the works, the actual situation on site is also critically considered, a topic for everyone to consider as mentioned in the policy.

Quality checks and registrations are essential and provide key information given the need to follow the right instructions and use specific materials or numbers per unit following up on the fire tests.

As you can see, safety is a ‘hot’ topic. For more information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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