Road works

Road works

Viabuild is specialised in large and complex road works

Viabuild stands for efficiency, knowledge of the field and flexibility. Our company is a leading player in the road works segment. For your larger and complex road works we have a motivated and experienced team at the ready.

From building motorways to laying local roads

We have experience ranging from building motorways, renovating city centres and squares, road works at airports, laying local and provincial roads, district roads and roads in industrial areas, to building car parks. We offer the best quality for every project thanks to our extensive machinery and fleet and our knowledge and experience.

Viabuild also produces concrete and asphalt

We process and recycle all the materials from demolition and construction ourselves in our recycling centres. Part of these recycled products is then used for the production of concrete and asphalt in our own Viabuild concrete and asphalt plants.

We have our own study, signage and purchase departments

Our various department heads each have their own speciality and steer a team of experienced project and site leaders. We also have our own study, signage and purchase department, which works closely together with other departments so that all the projects can be implemented as efficiently as possible.

In short, your road building is in good hands.

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