Separating functions

“EI” fire separator functions prevent fire from spreading into the adjacent compartment. Whether it concerns penetration sealing of valves, pipes, electrics, data, over dilatation joints, facade connections, etc., Viabuild’s Fireproofing Division can assist you. Lightweight fire walls or screens can also be mounted, and fireproof divisions can be installed in new or existing situations.

We study and carry out:

  • Fireproof mortars
  • Fireproof cladding
  • Intumescent paints
  • Production and installation of independent fireproof air ducts
  • Installation of fireproof cladding into existing air vents
  • Fire-separating walls and ceilings
  • Fireproofing of steeldeck
  • Fire-separating sealing
  • Fireproof facade connections
  • Firewalls / fire screens
  • Fireproofing of wooden floors, roof trusses, etc.
  • Light high separating firewalls. acoustic and aesthetic decorative plaster (fireproof)

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