Sewer and pipe renovation

Sewer and pipe renovation

Sewer and pipe renovation: techniques without trenches

Apart from newly constructing sewer systems and pipelines, Viabuild also offers renovation services. Viabuild has consciously opted for techniques which meet the customers’ expectations: techniques without trenches, which do not cause any disturbance.

Viabuild, expert in public and private sewer renovation techniques

Due to our huge expertise and wide experience we can offer the right renovation technique for the public and private market.

Inspection report

Based on an inspection report, a plan of approach is drafted and the renovations are carried out.

Viabuild sewer renovations offer:

  • Partial repairs
  • Renovation by means of relining (hot cure as well as UV)
  • Renovation using GVP panels
  • Renovation pressure pipework
  • Spraying concrete applications
  • Industrial renovation
  • Epoxy coating

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