Viabuild specialist for sewer and pipework networks

The draining of waste water, the supply of drinking water, etc., is often taken for granted, especially if you consider that very complex and extensive networks are needed to achieve this. Throughout the years, Viabuild has grown into one of the specialists for sewer and pipework networks.

Sewer system construction

Sewer system construction is so much more than laying down some pipes. Pump stations, holding basins, etc., are needed too.

The construction of sewer systems in residential areas or/and at large depths requires the necessary skills and materials in order to have the works completed in a safe and smooth manner. Our site foreman and workers all have the specific knowledge and training to be able to perform these works according to the rules.

Perfect construction of sewers and/or pipes

Because of its many years of expertise, Viabuild has accumulated the necessary expertise in the techniques required, like sheet-piling, ground stabilisation and excavations, to ensure perfection in the construction of sewers and/or pipes.

Viabuild ensures the comfort in the urban environment

Viabuild excels, especially in the urban environment, in its phased approach and the use of the latest techniques, making sure that the comfort of the local residents is not compromised.

Viabuild has the equipment to inspect and analyse sewer systems

A well-constructed and maintained sewer system is of paramount importance for the swift drainage of water. Viabuild plays an important role in this too. Viabuild has the equipment needed to inspect and analyse a sewer system. Based on these analyses, Viabuild can draft you a suitable replacement or renovation proposal.

Viabuild offers following services

Use us for various kinds of assignments:

  • Works in an trench with various sheet-piling techniques;
  • Sewer renovation by means of relining;
  • Sewer renovation through the installation of GVP scales and spraying;
  • Construction of buffer basins (open and closed).

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