Soil decontamination

Soil decontamination

Soil decontamination

Soil decontamination is the process whereby a piece of soil is cleared of pollution. Various methods and techniques can be used to do this. The choice depends on the location, the type and severity of contamination and the function of the land (residential, industry, agriculture...). The price is also a very important factor when choosing the decontamination technique.

The various techniques can be categorised in three groups:

  • in situ - decontamination without earth moving, the contamination is removed on the spot
  • on site - contaminated soil is dug out, cleaned on the spot and put back
  • ex situ - contaminated soil is dug out, taken away for treatment and/or processing elsewhere

Before every soil decontamination, a compulsory soil examination has to be performed. Viabuild will conduct the work based on the results of this examination, your specific requirements and the agreement of the authorised federal department.

Do you own a piece of contaminated land or do you want to buy a piece of land? Viabuild will ensure, in an efficient way, that the soil is ready for its (new) use. We have various methods of soil decontamination and a suitable solution for every location.

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