Asphaltco Civil Engineering taken over bij  Viabuild

Asphaltco Civil Engineering taken over bij Viabuild

woensdag 6 februari 2013

The Civil Engineering department of Asphaltco, is specialised in  surfacing on car park roofs, for making waterproof and/or providing a protective layer on bridge surfaces, surfacing pedestrian or cycle paths, water channels, acid-resistant floors,…

Mastic asphalt is waterproof because of its high bitumen content, which is typically double the amount found in concrete asphalt. That is why it does not need condensing like other types of asphalt. This is a huge advantage when installing it on a car park roof. The stiffness of the mastic ensures the stability of the mastic asphalt. This is achieved by using stiff bitumen and a high amount of filler. Physical distortion is, however, possible. The processing temperature is relatively high: 230 to 240°C.

Mastic asphalt is flexible and can cope with slight shifts in the ground beneath it without cracking. In comparison with other types of asphalt, mastic asphalt is very durable.

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