Google joins forces with Viabuild again for 3rd data center

Google joins forces with Viabuild again for 3rd data center

donderdag 1 maart 2018

Client: Google

Budget: €40 million

Implementation period: 1 year

Viabuild is the perfect partner for a data giant like Google. We are collaborating with the Americans for the second time. This time to build the third data center in Saint-Ghislain, in the province of Hainaut.

Viabuild previously worked for Google when it had a second data center constructed in Belgium. Because the American technology giant was so satisfied, it employed Viabuild for its third data center.

Strict standards

Google prizes the flexible cooperation, the rapid delivery and the quality of Viabuild’s work. This is a good thing because the company applies stricter British OHSAS standards. As a result of the transparent structure of Viabuild, all parties involved are informed of instructions and changes in plans more rapidly.

The works which Viabuild is currently performing comprise 3 packages. The first package consists of the preparatory earthworks and the construction of the work platform. The second package, started in October, involves the underground concrete foundation blocks and floor slabs of the buildings. The third package comprises facilities for storm, waste, cooling and extinguishing water and for electricity and data exchange.

Logistical challenge

The difficulty for Viabuild lies particularly in the tight timing of the partial deadlines. We must observe tight periodic deadlines so that other contractors can get started on time.

In addition, the works are also a logistical challenge as a result of the limited and constantly changing space available between the existing data centers.

The American technology giant is investing no less than 250 million euro in the construction of this data center, accounting for 1200 temporary jobs. All work must be completed by the end of 2018.

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