Kraainem project

Kraainem project

dinsdag 7 maart 2017

Viabuild is re-installing one of the last "black points" in Flanders in Kraainem and Zaventem, ordered by AWV. 

One of the biggest challenges is a new underground sewage infrastructure in a very unstable underground. This new sewage will be installed at 18 m depth.

The second challenge is the traffic during works. Phase 1 is the new sewers. After whcih the new roads, bicycle paths et. will be installed to allow all users to safely use the crossroads.

The switch from phase 1 to phase 2 will be done in the Summer of 2017.  The works should be finished by Spring 2018.

Budget for this project is around € 6 milj.  covering about 20.000 tons of concrete ( more or less 800 lorries) 3kms of sewers, 10 kms of border stones and 3500 M2 of bicycle paths, ...

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