PANO - Flanders asbestosland

PANO - Flanders asbestosland

donderdag 18 mei 2017

2 years ago the mother of PANO reporter Ilse Van Lysebeth dies of lungcancer, which one gets through breathing asbestos fibers.
You can see the whole interview on

Christiane was a teacher who never worked in the asbestos industry. Everyone was surprised by the diagnosis. "Afterwards we heard that she had been breathing the deadly asbestos fibers in one of the classrooms where she taught for many years", explains Ilse. Teachers, schoolchildren and d-i-y's are, according to a European study, now belong to the new risk groups.

This cancer inducing stuff is still massively present in Flanders, about 4 million tons still have to be cleaned. Our government is too slow to react. And, ever worse, most of the Flemish people don't even know where asbestos is present.

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