Viabuild Quality Days 2018

Viabuild Quality Days 2018

donderdag 1 februari 2018

Quality Days : the time for quality has come

The first edition of Quality Days has been a great success. From 21 December to 26 January included, some 500 Viabuild professionals gathered at the sites at Zemst, Schoten, Willebroek and Puurs to, in fact, roll up their sleeves.

The common denominator of these training days was undoubtedly 'efficiency', the E in this year’s theme STEAM. The S of 'safety' was also fully tackled, as Viabuild attaches great importance to safety. Labourers as well as project managers, teachers and specialists, both the in-house and the external collaborators, have received tailor-made training. Topics such as how to sling loads, how to handle tools and machinery, techniques for renovating sewers and road networks, working at heights, asbestos removal and respect for materials have been treated.

This was a first, but the positive reactions coming from the Viabuild staff allow us to conclude that these quality days can certainly be repeated.

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