Viabuild full STEAM ahead

Viabuild full STEAM ahead

maandag 8 januari 2018

Viabuild annual training day a success

Sixth edition of training day for all 721 employees.

Viabuild organised a training day for all its employees at the beginning of the year to honour its annual tradition. Experience sharing and learning were central. Colleagues from all over the country gathered in Sint-Katelijne-Waver to refresh their knowledge and expertise and to learn new skills in their trade. The training day was also the perfect opportunity to announce the year’s theme: ‘Full STEAM ahead.’

Training tailored to professional needs

For Viabuild, everything always rests on safety and quality and these values are inseparable. As usual, there were also training sessions on first aid and fire safety this year. Participants honed their knowledge of evacuation techniques and fighting of incipient fire, allowing our skilled professionals to show their talent for extinguishing a fire in practice.

All drivers of both HGVs and buses were able to train for the certificate of professional competence in accordance with the first revision of code 95. Safety inside and around the vehicle was raised, and participants were also taught how to fill in an accident form should the lessons learnt prove insufficient.

A total of ten training sessions were delivered, always tailored to the participants' professional needs.

This year's new topics

"What if my colleague feels weak during Ramadan? And how do I cope with the language barrier?" The training sessions on social skills provided the right answers to these and other topical questions. In sessions on leadership and cultural diversity, the team leaders also learnt how to handle some cultural and gender issues correctly. The interactive corporate theatre also focused on cultural diversity, treating the subject with an appropriate touch of humour.

The '100% Fit@work' session was unanimously declared the best workshop. In this training, employees learnt about nutrition and exercise and how to deal with stress. They also discovered how to get socially fit thanks to assertive communication, both on and off the site.

'Everyone an Ambassador' also received great feedback. The workshop showed how each participant could communicate the vision of VB most effectively as a proud employee.
Launch of the year's theme: 'Full STEAM ahead'

Viabuild’s annual theme revolves around the five core values that are also part of the DNA of every VB professional. Together, the first letters of these five values spell the word STEAM. 'Full STEAM ahead': that's how we want VB to go in 2018.

The first core value is SAFETY, because safety is paramount. In order to deliver quality work, employees and customers form a close-knit TEAM. EFFICIENCY then focuses on avoiding waste. It involves dealing with time and resources as optimally as possible in order to achieve excellent results. New technologies and digitization also lead to innovative developments in this sector. That is why keeping ALWAYS AN EYE ON THE FUTURE is crucial to discover how technology can improve the quality and operation of VB. But, ultimately, our human capital are our most important strength. They are MOTIVATED AND DRIVEN, the engine driving the strong company that VB has become.


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