We’re proud to present to you one of our private works. At the chemical & metal-processing company Sadaci in Ghent, we have been commissioned to build a completely new road and sewage project for their new site where, among others, car parks and a laboratory will be built. This may sound like standard sewerage and road works, but there are a number of things that make this site very special.

Even before the works started, we had the opportunity to contribute to the execution details. A preliminary study and close cooperation with topography and the engineering department were a must. On the site itself, the excavation work required a little more force as the subsoil deep down was very hard; an extra-large crane had to be brought in. Safety is always priority number one, but here we walked the extra mile. For example, no trucks were allowed to enter the site, unless an escort drove the vehicles inside.

This site not only brought our services together, but also managed to enthuse our future engineers about our profession. One of the trainees testified as follows: “On my first day, I could barely read a plan. But by being on the site every week and asking enough questions to those around me, my knowledge has grown exponentially. Moreover, my enthusiasm and interest to continue have only increased“.


    Sewerage & Roads project at Sadaci in Ghent




    € 615K


    October 2019 - January 2020