The renovation of the former Electrabel and Tractebel offices in the Regentlaan in Brussels has radically changed the streetscape. Viabuild was an important partner in this prestigious project. The Asbestos Removal, Demolition and Soil Renovation departments closely collaborated and laid the foundations for the further renovation of these three adjoining buildings.

In the central building, Regent I, all asbestos was removed after which the building was stripped for complete demolition. The two surrounding buildings, Regent II and Troon, were also cleared of asbestos and then professionally dismantled. Everything from false ceilings and walls to tiles, parquet and even screed was removed. All technical circuits had to be taken out: for example ducts, pipes and cables for water, electricity and gas. Finally, the technical installations were also removed, such as emergency generators, air circulation systems, air conditioners, fire water facilities, lifts and high and low voltage cabinets. After the thorough demolition work, Viabuild also carried out an in-depth soil renovation. In all, the project included a total surface area of 35,300 m┬▓ above ground and 13,200 m┬▓ below ground.


    Renovation Electrabel and Tractebel offices




    € 0,9M


    2011 - 2014

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