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I once said, we are the surgeons of demolition. Because we take on projects that are complicated and that involve a lot of (external) factors.

- Jeroen Verlinden
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Excavation and demolition specialist Stallaert has been part of the Viabuild group since 2010.

Our experts have experience, knowledge and the best means to carry out any dismantling or demolition project. After all, dismantling must be done with the same precision as building. More than ever, this has become specialised work. The best tools and machines, technically skilled professionals, attention to material reuse and durability. Working together with Viabuild is opting for quality. Opting for safe work. Opting for the best partner. Viabuild specialises in the demolition of residential buildings, petrochemical installations, steel and concrete structures. We never turn our back on a challenge. Viabuild invests in people, technology and resources to become the best player in the market. And always with special attention to safe working practices. The complexity of dismantling work means that safety standards are often stringent.

Excavation works can be carried out in the open air or underground, regardless of soil or weather conditions. Our experts will always supply and remove soil, sand and other soil materials in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. Wheel loaders, mobile cranes, caterpillar cranes and an extensive fleet of trucks for the rough work, laser-controlled machines and advanced measuring devices for precision work. Viabuild has a modern and efficient range of machinery.

Demolition and excavation realisaties


Viabuild x Axa Tower Brussels


Viabuild x De Schalk in Willebroek


Viabuild x Sorting Centre DHL Zaventem