Viabuild is more than just somewhere to work and earn money. Above all, we are a company where your passion can be stimulated, where you can learn, share ideas and develop your talents. At Viabuild, we believe in ‘Let’s connect’: bringing our employees together plays a key role in this.

We want to encourage our employees to dream of greater ideas than any other Belgian contractor. Our employees work as part of a project team to create value for our customers, to develop an innovative approach, to ensure continuous improvement of our processes and to build solidarity.

These strategic core competencies are essential to communicate our long-term strategy and to ensure that we continue to invest in the strengths that set us apart from our competitors.

A unique working environment

Viabuild has built up a strong reputation as a multi-service company: we have the necessary skills and expertise in-house to realise any project, from initial concept on the drawing board to final completion and delivery. As a result, we offer our employees a varied and challenging working environment, where they can grow in their careers.

Working at Viabuild means there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career – both horizontally and vertically. You will also be given the opportunity to become involved in pioneering projects. We always endeavour to create the right conditions that enable your talents and ambitions to flourish.

Our goal is simple: we want our employees to enjoy a long and exciting career at Viabuild. Because we believe in ‘Let’s Connect’, together with you.



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