At Viabuild, the focus is on the employees. After all, no matter how efficiently our machinery and vehicles perform, our employees are making it happen. By rolling up their sleeves and being proactive. With their bright minds, they are able to devise the best solution for a project.

Viabuild believes in STEAM. Five core values that can be found in the DNA of all Viabuild employees.

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S for Safety. Safety. Safety is at the heart of our work.

T for Team. Because that is required to deliver quality work. Viabuild employees have a strong desire for mutual collaboration, and are equally capable of forming a homogeneous unit with the client(s).

E refers to Efficiency. Optimal use of time and resources to achieve excellent results.

A for Always an eye on the future. Viabuild keeps pace with new technology, focuses on digitisation, embraces innovative ways of thinking undertakes in a sustainable way.

M refers to Motivated and driven. This accurately describes our Viabuild employees. They are the engine, the driving force behind the strong Viabuild company of today.

Full STEAM ahead. That is Viabuild’s motto.

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As a team, we ensure that we always create an optimal atmosphere, that we work hard to achieve the highest standards, and above all, that we work safely. We can always call on each other for the necessary support or information, so we are continuously expanding our knowledge. It allows us to further build on what we are developing.

– Jamie Van Vlasselaer, site manager