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Every time I ride on a road I've made, I tell my wife and children again and again how our team made that road. Despite all the obstacles and unexpected factors. That's what you do it for. That's our motivation!

- Michael Boriau, CEO
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Roadworks are in good hands with Viabuild. We work efficiently, we have the appropriate expertise in the sector, and we are flexible.

No matter how large or complex the road project, we are able to deploy motivated and experienced teams. Whether for the construction of a motorway or the renovation of a city centre. Whether it involves road works at the airport or the building of a new provincial road. We always aim to deliver top-quality work. Our research, road signs and purchasing services work closely with the site and project managers to complete the work as efficiently and quickly as possible. Thanks to our extensive fleet of machines and vehicles, as well as our extensive knowledge and experience, we can offer the best quality in all areas.

Viabuild also offers professional work in the field of sewerage and pipe networks. These infrastructure works require extensive expert knowledge. From our many years of experience, Viabuild has accumulated a great deal of expertise in the technology required for laying sewers and/or pipes to perfection: shielding, soil stabilisation and excavation work. Viabuild is experienced in open trench work using various shoring techniques, sewer renovation using the pipe relining method, applying GRP shells during sewer renovation, shotcreting, and the construction of open and closed buffer basins. In the urban environment, local residents are of great importance to us. Our approach is to ensure that they are inconvenienced as little as possible during the work in progress.