In the Simonisplein in Brussels, which is close to the Belgian Chocolate Village, you can admire a brand new fountain in the shape of a cocoa bean. It is a direct reference to the rich chocolate tradition of Brussels. The fountain is visible from the various streets that lead to the square and thus creates a link to the history of the neighbourhood. The installation of the fountain, which was given the appropriate name of ‘De Boon’ [The Bean], was carried out by Viabuild’s Department of Civil Engineering. A challenging project for a number of reasons.

During the excavation of the underlying earth, the Viabuild team’s ingeniosity was put to the test. As the Leopold II tunnel is located beneath the site, there was a risk of damaging the roof structure. Furthermore, the fountain was very heavy, as it is made of iron and concrete and contains a lot of water. After various calculations, the materials were carefully selected. Viabuild made every effort to ensure that during the preparations and installation of the work of art, the inconvenience to through traffic was kept to a minimum.

All works were completed in time for the festive inauguration by the Brussels Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Pascal Smet. The area is now a great place to amble around, or to shop or have a drink.


    Road works, Civil engineering


    Ministerie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 


    € 1M


    January 2017 - June 2017