On the E19 between Netebruggen and Kontich, in the direction of Antwerp, the entire asphalt surface was renewed: 11,000 tonnes of underlayer and 10,000 tonnes of top layer. The Asfaltwerken department spread a special adhesive layer on the road that repels dirt, using a front loader for the job, to guarantee an even road surface. The works were carried out simultaneously over the entire width of 3 traffic lanes, which was made possible by the extensive experience and expertise of the team.

400 metres of bridge railing was replaced on three different bridges. While the work was being carried out, the service station at Waarloos remained easily accessible 24/7. After applying more than 24 km of road markings and replacing 15 km of crash barriers, the work was completed within the specified time and in accordance with all requirements.


    Structural maintenance of the E19 between Netebruggen and Kontich in the direction of Antwerp


    Agenstschap Wegen en Verkeer


    € 2,4M


    July 2016 - August 2016