To collect the waste water from the municipality of Hastière, Viabuild built a water collector and six pumping stations on behalf of INASEP and SPGE. The collected water is treated and, after purification, flows into the Meuse.

Six kilometres of pipeline was laid at a depth of up to 6 metres. It was no easy task to carry out because of the excavations in rocky soils. Viabuild’s experienced teams used many different techniques at this site. For example, the pumping stations were made of concrete, poured on site and the secant pile walling technique was applied. Viabuild also took care of large elements in prefab concrete, various masonry works, the external construction of the pumping stations and asphalting. At the moment, the works are in their final phase. The system is scheduled to be put into service in August.


    Waste collection and six pumping stations of water for the municipality of Hastière




    € 7M


    October 2016 - September 2018