In order to improve accessibility to the underground public car park, the Maelbeek car park in Etterbeek was redesigned. The waterproofing on the roof of the car park also required replacing. Consequently, the Jo Heyne park located above had to be completely redrawn.

Following the redevelopment of the existing park, the building containing the stairwell and the existing entrance, the civil construction department built a completely new stairwell and building containing the lift and an entrance with stairs. The Jo Heyne park was given a complete makeover, which included a floating concrete footbridge. The challenge, in addition to a strict timetable with interim deadlines, consisted of carrying out the works within a building block. With obvious consequences for the site equipment that had to be used.

After completion of the construction works, what was once a desolate spot has become a fresh urban oasis.


    Etterbeek - Maelbeek Parking Garage


    FOD Mobiliteit en Vervoer [Mobility and Transport]


    € 0,95M


    January 2017 - February 2018