Our civil engineering department realises a turnover of €400,000 in 40 hours! In the future, the Brussels transport company MIVB has committed to using driverless underground trains. To make this happen, automated doors will be placed on the platforms. That’s why it is vital that the edges of the platforms be reinforced. A massive challenge! Over the weekend of 19 October, we were given 48 hours to saw 200 running metres of existing platform edges into pieces and carefully break them up and remove them. Subsequently, new, custom prefabricated platform edges were placed in a concrete column and beam structure using track cranes with a hoisting system, and the new elements were anchored and concreted to the existing platforms.

New platform edge profiles were fitted and temporary wooden floors were provided to allow the metro passengers to board the safely and comfortably on Monday. Thanks to successful teamwork and extremely detailed preparation, we managed to get the job done eight hours faster than scheduled. An example of how ‘Operational Excellence’ can turn a project into a success story. Congratulations and hats off for the dedication and commitment of the various teams that relieved each other. Also a big compliment for the study department. Or in the words of the director of MIVB ”FĂ©licitations Ă  toute l’équipe. Merci Ă  vous tous!”


    Reinforcement of platform edges at the Ceria metro station in Brussels




    € 650K


    October 2019 - October 2019