CO2 Performance ladder

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Viabuild is heavily investing in reducing its CO2 footprint. What this means and what the targets are, you can find here!

What is the CO2 Performance ladder?

The CO2 Performance ladder is a tool that helps companies to reduce CO2.

Targets for companies:

  • To acquire knowledge about their own CO2 emissions and those of their suppliers (insights)
  • Constantly seeking new possibilities to reduce emissions as a result of own operations and projects (reduction)
  • To implement the chosen reduction measures (reduction)
  • To share the acquired knowledge transparently (communication)
  • To search actively for opportunities to continue the reduction of CO2 emissions together with colleagues, knowledge institutions, social organizations and governments (participation)

In 2020 The CO2 Performance ladder was introduced in Belgium
Additional information about the CO2 performance ladder can be found on the SKAO website:

The CO2 Performance ladder at Viabuild

Certificate CO2 performance ladder level 3 Version 3.1 Viabuild

Viabuild started acquiring knowledge about its own CO2 emissions in 2021. For this purpose, energy and fuel consumption data for the reference year 2021 were identified.
The result is included in the CO2 emissions inventory report.
CO2 Emission Inventory Report – Requirement 3.A.1 2021
CO2 Emission Inventory Report – Requirement 3.A.2 2022 sem.1

Based on this insight, reduction targets were set.
Reduction objectives – Requirement I.B.I

Viabuild calculates scope 1 and 2 (including business travel) related CO2 emissions semi-annually using a measurement plan. 
Measurement plan – Requirement 3.B.2

Viabuild has a documented internal and external communication plan. This plan defines roles and responsibilities as well as the method of communication.
Communication Plan – Requirement 3.C.2

Viabuild actively participates in at least one (sector or chain) initiative on CO2 reduction.
List of chosen initiatives – Requirement 3.D.1

Progress is assessed against the CO2 emissions of the reference year 2021. The CO2 emissions are always related to the turnover so that a comparison over different years is possible.
As an organization, we would like to communicate transparently about our performance. To this end, a newsletter is sent out every six months.
Newsletter CO2 performance ladder Edition 1 : 08/11/2022

Contact details Viabuild

Headquarters Viabuild n.v.
Gansbroekstraat 70
2870 Puurs – Sint – Amands
T : +32 3 206 25 00
E-mail :


Sustainability Coordinator: Yves Salembier
Mobile: +32 498 92 71 68

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