VBA 2.0 aims to maximize recycling

Sunday 15 April 2018

In 2018, VBA will evolve from a crushing and concrete plant to a fully-fledged recycling plant.

VBA 2.0’s main objective is to maximize recycling. This is the only way to reduce the pressure on primary minerals. VBA, the abbreviation for Viabuild Concrete and Asphalt, recycles and processes construction rubble and, with four stations in strategic locations, has become an established value. The plants produce lean concrete, sand-cement and stabilised rubble. These are products that are used primarily for road-building, in the form of bound foundation materials. In addition, VBA produces broken concrete rubble, asphalt rubble, mixed rubble and sieved sand.

Our four plants fully future-proofed.

Willebroek is taking a phased approach to becoming a fully-fledged recycling centre for various flows:

  • liquid sludge: sewage sludge, gully sludge, dredged material
  • solidified sludge: sand from sand traps, gully sludge, sewage sludge
  • waste sand: street cleaning residues, blasting sand, foundry sand …
  • green waste: pruning waste, verge cuttings and tree roots
  • TOP-CGR: interim storage and processing of all surplus soil, whether or not contaminated
  • construction and demolition waste
  • grade A and grade B wood

Boortmeerbeek now has a certification as interim storage site for soil (TOP).

In Schaarbeek in addition to COPRO-certified granules, in 2018, cemented products will also be given a COPRO certification. As a transshipment site for various waste materials, we can also offer a solution for various flows in Brussels.

In Chaumont-Gistoux we are extracting the last parts of our sand quarry (+/- 25,000 m³). Despite the presence of this primary mineral, our aim first and foremost at this site is also recycling. Soil and sand are sieved and recycled as raw materials for the concrete plant. All kinds of rubble are sorted and crushed (CE++) in accordance with the requirements of Qualiroute and recovered as sub-base or in cementitious mixtures (lean concrete, stabilised sand and cemented foundation materials).

VBA handles raw materials with environmental awareness and we aim to maximise recycling at all of our plants. At VBA, quality is a high priority. Our internal laboratory closely monitors our products. Our cemented products effortlessly comply with legislation (Copro/Qualiroute/CE++). We also guarantee the best price for our recycled cement products.

VBA is ready for 2018.

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