At Brussels Airport, the Rioolrenovatie department is installing a UV lining. A major advantage of a lining with locally hardened pipe is that it avoids the need for scarification. The work is carried out moving from manhole to manhole. The diameter of the pipe is barely reduced, and the result is extremely strong and durable.

A specific challenge in this project was working from the manholes on the A/C stands or aircraft stands, i.e. airside (a demarcated airport area with aircraft movements taking place and with controlled access).
In order to limit disruption to air traffic at this very busy airport, the Viabuild team worked at night. In consultation with BAC, an increasingly larger zone was demarcated in order to work at a safe distance from moving aircraft. Strict compliance with agreed working hours is of the utmost importance in this case.


    Sewer renovation by means of relining at Brussels Airport


    Brussels Airport Company


    € 19K


    August 2018

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