The main sewer system used to discharge the waste water of thousands of Aalst residents was in urgent need of renovation. The centuries-old tubular vaults were renovated from the inside by ViabuildÔÇÖs Department of Sewer Renovation, using GRP panels. It was a complex construction site as the vaults are boxed in and run under the city. Access was very limited, so all work had to be carried out through a single opening.

This made it a very labour-intensive project: the Viabuild team had to work knee-deep in sludge and sewage, in an environment which combined sewer gases with limited visibility. With their expertise and flexibility, even coping with rainy weather, the Viabuild team were able to ensure this project was completed quickly and to a high standard.




    Sewer Renovation Aalst


    Aalst Township


    € 1,5M


    August 2016 - October 2017

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