After hours of discussing every small detail with the people of Defence and representatives of the Military Museum, we were able to start working on our demarcated area on October 7th. After the staff members received the necessary training to be able to work with us in the zone, the meticulous removal of asbestos and the careful removal of objects containing asbestos could begin.

What did this mission involve? An exceptional uniform consisting of blue asbestos, in particular the mineral Crocidolite, had to be moved from one display case to another. This very rare form of asbestos dates back to the Middle Ages and was worn by flamethrowers at the time. So it was a very delicate operation; every step, every movement required full attention. The uniform was accompanied by a number of other objects. These were tested one by one to see if they contained asbestos or not. A very special undertaking which, thanks to the craftsmanship of our colleagues, we can call a successful mission! The uniform and accessories are now displayed in a 100% hermetically sealed display case, and can be preserved for posterity!


    Asbestos removal at the Military Museum in Brussels


    Military Museum


    € 25K


    October 2019

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