In Zaventem, on the outskirts of the airport, the Department of Demolition and Earthworks was responsible for the complex demolition of the former DHL parcel sorting centre.

The demolition work presented many challenges. The office space and the technical installation of three floors – an immense steel structure – had to be completely removed, while preserving the building surrounding it. This required a great deal of precision. All the steel was burnt and cut away, and the damaged concrete floor was completely repaired.

One important condition of the tender was to provide a precise estimate of the tonnage of steel to be removed. Due to their many years of experience and professional knowledge, Viabuild demolition and earthworks was able to provide a correct estimate of the number of workers and the duration of the works.

Viabuild’s specialised vehicle fleet and machinery were optimally deployed during this project. To cut all the steel, the Viabuild team relied on La Bounty shears, mounted on a Caterpillar 345CL. The shears weigh in at 10,000 kg and have a maximum cutting force of 1,743 metric tons.

After it was restored to its original state, the building was handed over to the Brussels Airport Company within the specified time and in accordance with all requirements.


    Demolition and asbestos removal in the DHL parcel sorting centre at Zaventem




    € 0,7M


    August 2017 - October 2017

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