Viabuild and BAM Contractors transfer their asphalt plants to joint venture BV Asphalt

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Viabuild and BAM Contractors announced the merger of their asphalt plants, in Grimbergen and Vinalmont respectively.

Viabuild and BAM Contractors will become equal partners in this joint venture. BV Asphalt brings the talents and expertise of both companies together and thus strengthens the service for their customers.

BV Asphalt will start its operational activities as soon as it’s been approved by the Belgian Competition Authority. Both companies expect to receive this approval in the first months of 2020 and will be able to work together with both asphalt plants from then on.

Michael Boriau from Viabuild commented: “Because of the numerous synergies between our contracting companies, we will be able to offer an even better service to our clients. It goes without saying that we will work closely with both asphalt plants to realise a variety of projects.”

Jan Folens of BAM Contractors adds: “We are delighted with this collaboration since our ambition is to be even closer to our customers and to realize more projects in the center of the country. A short transport distance to construction sites is crucial for quality assurance, which is why we are convinced that this cooperation is the right way to best serve our current and future customers. “

The two parent companies will continue to operate independently in a very interesting and challenging sector. BV Asphalt will work autonomously from Viabuild and BAM Contractors. Asphalt plants have the best in-house experts. Sharing knowledge will improve the quality of asphalt production. BV Asphalt optimizes, innovates and excels.

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