Viabuild annual training day a success

Monday 08 January 2018

For the sixth time Viabuild organised a training day for all its employees at the beginning of the new year.

In Sint-Katelijne-Waver, everyone’s knowledge and expertise were refreshed and new skills were learned. During the training day, Viabuild presented the annual theme for 2018: full STEAM ahead.

Safety and quality are closely linked and Viabuild considers these to be of the utmost importance. These are values that were focused on in the workshops offered during the training day. First aid and fire safety training courses were also organised. Everyone’s knowledge of evacuation techniques and incipient firefighting was also refreshed and improved. There was a training course on professional competence for all drivers, after the first renewal of code 95 in which safety in and around the vehicle was addressed. The programme also included an awareness-raising course for drivers and a very practical course on ‘how to complete a collision form’.

Ten training courses were given during the training day, each customized to the needs of the participating employees.

Particular attention was paid to social skills, how to deal with other cultures, other languages, and diversity. Questions such as “Does my colleague feel faint during Ramadan?” and “How do I deal with someone who speaks a different language?” These were questions that were answered during the sessions on leadership and cultural diversity.

The session ‘100% Fit@work’ – about dealing with stress, with a focus on nutrition and exercise – was crowned the best workshop. There was also a course on How to become socially fit, by employing assertive communication, among other things. The session ‘Everyone an Ambassador’ also proved to be a hit. During this workshop, an explanation was given on how employees can express Viabuild’s vision.

Launch of the annual ‘Full STEAM ahead’

Viabuild believes in STEAM. Five core values that can be found in the DNA of all Viabuild employees. The annual theme for 2018 is built around it: full STEAM ahead!

S for Safety. Safety. Safety is at the heart of our work.Veiligheid staat centraal in het werk.

T for Team. Because that is required to deliver quality work. Viabuild employees have a strong desire for mutual collaboration, and are equally capable of forming a homogeneous unit with the client(s).

E refers to Efficiency. Optimal use of time and resources to achieve excellent results.

A for Always an eye on the future. Viabuild keeps pace with new technology, focuses on digitisation, and embraces innovative ways of thinking.

M refers to Motivated and driven. This accurately describes our Viabuild employees. They are the engine, the driving force behind the strong Viabuild company of today.

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