Mechelen is vibrant. The redesigned city. For this project, the central axis of Grote Markt-Bruul-Station was transformed into a contemporary, attractive gateway to the city of Mechelen with a promenade and shopping area.
Viabuild was responsible for removing and relaying the surfaces of the Botermarkt, including redesigning the river and installing a fountain During the construction works, all traders in the pedestrianized Bruul shopping street remained easily accessible.

The promenade looks completely different after the completion of the work and is a calling card for the city of Mechelen. This city offers plenty of facilities for living, playing, shopping and ambling. The city residents enjoy the greenery, water features, art, restaurants and cosy squares along the central axis. It is a car-free zone and a walking surface that can easily deal with all the foot traffic. It is a pleasant city to spend some time.


    Reconstruction Botermarkt and Bruul Mechelen


    Mechelen township


    € 3,5M


    August 2014 - January 2016