Viabuild is working on the redevelopment of Ninoofse Poort in Brussels. The project includes the renovation of the facades in several streets and the construction of a 24,000 m² park. A welcoming recreational space for people from the surrounding districts. The construction of a fountain with 20 spray heads is also planned.

The works will take place in various stages. A major challenge is to coordinate with several other parties working in the same area. During the construction works, it is important that the traffic flow as well as the tram traffic continues uninterrupted on this busy thoroughfare.

After completion of the project, the chaotic traffic junction at Ninoofse Poort will be a lot safer and more manageable, with only one large intersection with traffic lights instead of three consecutive intersections which have cycle paths and wide footpaths everywhere.


    Redevelopment of Ninoofse Poort


    FSP Mobility and Transport


    € 7,5M


    September 2016 – present