A first time for everything! Our Roadworks and Sewers experts started working in the town of Wezembeek-Oppem on the strength of this slogan. Here, they are building a mobihub, consisting of a car park building and outdoor pavement. The challenge? Well, it’s the very first time this department is constructing a building.

Mobihubs are central hubs which are springing up like mushrooms around major Belgian cities. Located near public transport and consisting of parking facilities for bicycles and cars, they offer a sustainable alternative to reach the city. This hub in Wezembeek-Oppem, near the Africa Museum, also connects several bus and tram connections that lead to the Brussels City centre. An ideal location, but one that posed a number of challenges.

For example, the location previously consisted of a gravel parking lot in the midst of a wooded area. Therefore, our people first had to cut down a number of trees before they could get to work. In addition, on one side of the car park building, the wooded area was several metres higher than the foundation of the building. This meant that stability had to be taken into account throughout the entire process, during both the design phase and the execution phase.
The mobihub itself consists of a 1-storey parking building with an outdoor parking lot in the front. Instead of pouring the concrete on site, prefabricated hollow concrete walls were used. What’s more, our people used no fewer than three types of concrete!

For example, the ground floor consists of grey polished concrete, the car parks are a combination of brown stained and ochre-coloured concrete, and brushed concrete was used for the roadway section. The outdoor car parking areas were paved with permeable concrete grass pavers in combination with saw-cut cobblestones for the disabled parking areas.

Furthermore, the team is also responsible for various services in and around the building. These include electricity, plumbing, ventilation and timber cladding for the façade. Finally, the hub will be finished with charging stations, bicycle racks, a bicycle repair point and a parcel locker. We are very proud of this team’s first building!


    Mobihub Wezembeek-Oppem


    € €3.986.000 (excl. VAT)


    185 working days